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Twitter - 8 Type of Contents SMBs Should Share or Tweet
Seventy-four percent of Twitter users are there for information with a lot of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) claiming that Twitter users help amplify their message by retweeting.

Twitter is a growing platform for small and medium-sized businesses. In facts, 99% of people who follow SMBs plan to buy from them.

But to get the attention of Twitter users Brands needs to share the right contents.

In this article, we will be looking at the Type of content that drives user engagement on Twitter

Let get started.

Twitter - 8 Type of  Contents SMBs Should Share on Tweet

Type of  Contents SMBs Should Share on Twitter

How to's and List

Contents that carries this words as headlines on Twitter quickly catches the anxious user who will want to know more. This kind of content gets 3 times more re-tweet than other contents according to stats. They are easy to read, shareable and very educative.  To create your own how-tos, you can easily share your business;

  • FAQ answers
  • Industry Tips 
  • Resources
  • Step by step guide
  • Quick tutorials

Picture Quotes

Sharing inspirational quotes is another way to drive engagement. Share quotes that attack our everyday lives particularly success and business quotes.

According to statistics; users who share more quotes on a daily basis gets 43% followers and r those that add a quote to their tweets gets 19% re-tweets.

Quotes with images are more attractive and compel users to re-tweets and like.  It is also very good for branding. There are several easy images creating applications out there to assist you.


Infographics are picture graph with easy to understand information. It is the power-point of the internet.  Infographics is a great way for business website and blogs to grab the attention of users and triggers interaction.

Sharing infographics on case studies; success stories; data; presentation; blog articles and so on make a bigger impact on your Twitter campaign.

According to statistics; infographics get 30 times chances to be read than articles; they are also shared and liked 3 times more than other content. The reason is people prefer an easier way to grab information and infographics does exactly just that.

Images and Gifs

Want to increase interaction with your Twitter community - make use of gifs and images.

GIF is creative picture slides that tell a story. They are easily shared and consumed on Twitter. Creating one is very easy. Make use of apps like Gifmaker; Gif toaster; Gif cam; Gifer and Gifx.


Videos are one of the best forms of marketing content today, particularly live recordings. To grab the attention of your audience and increase interaction with them, make use of live streaming or record a live video that is informative.

Some of the best video platforms are:
  • Youtube
  • Periscope and 
  • Facebook Live
Once you go live or record a video from any of these platforms, be sure to tweet about it.

Emotional Contents

To get your audience more interactive and engagement you need to tap into their emotions.

People easily respond to contents that are very emotional, particularly on Twitter.  Content that triggers emotions such as happiness, laughter, amazement, awe is easily retweeted.

In-fact stats put it that emotions such as Awe get 25% re-tweets; Laughter gets 17% while Amusement gets 15%.

Interactive Content

Interactive contents are pieces of information that drive engagement and interaction.
Create interactive contents that lead to conversations among your followers. Types of interactive content that can be shared are:

  • Assessment
  • Contest
  • Quiz
  • Infographics
  • Statistics and facts.


Questions are another easy way to get your audience attention. 

With questions, you can easily get feedback about a product or service. Statistics put it that engaging questions get 1,050 percent replies and 100 percent comments. It is also adviced that words like "should" "would" and "which" drives more engagement when used in questions

When mixed with twitter poll, questions are far more engaging than quotes with pictures.


Twitter is one of the most engaging platforms out there. It is the best place for SMBs to get discovered and introduce a new product. In fact, it is one of the best social platform used for customer services as Twitter users believe they get to interact with their brand more on this platform.

Businesses need to be able to quickly respond to tweets pertaining to their brand or industry and pay more attention to their followers./ Make use of listening tools to monitor brands mentions particularly on Twitter.

When creating content, Brands should be more precise in sending out their message. Take advantages of trending hashtags to get more interaction and visual space.

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