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6 Hints for Writing Powerful Social Media Ad Copy
Do you want to create extra powerful social media ad? Wondering how to write ads that produce conversions?

In this article, you’ll discover six hints for writing powerful social media ad copy that converts.

6 Hints for Writing Powerful Social Media Ad Copy

#1: Extend Your Brand Voice to Your Ad Copy

Every commercial enterprise needs to have its own voice, one that emulates that of its fans. When customers scroll through their feed, they should be capable of understanding your brand voice right away.

If your business is more of a casual/fun type fashion dressing, avoid using phrases that mirror that of a corporate suit and tie person. The wording for your advert consists of the language your demographic makes use of. Incorporate certain popular local language, slang, and grammar to match. Yes, how you spell the phrases to your advert makes a large distinction here.

This also works for B2B that uses greater professional and enterprise-like language while you speak and write. Mimic that style to your advert sales copy.

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#2: Clearly Communicate the Who, What, When, Where, and Why

Your social media ads do not only best need CTA but also needs to answer the who, what, when, where and why questions that might pop up from your customers. Whatever the social media platform (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) communicating those information enables /ensure customers have all of the statistics they want to know when they do interact with the ad, they turn out to be a heated engagement and no longer only an informal liker who double-taps on anything the scroll by.

Go returned to the social media ad you’re currently running. Does the advert copy answer the who, what, when, where, and why for the consumer? It should, and if it doesn’t, pause, edit and republish those ads.

If you’re having a hard time seeking to get a solution for all of the W’s above, think about your goal demographic ’s problems. To make an outstanding story from your advert, you want to recognize your audience and recognize not just what makes them tick however additionally what they want.

#3: Test Ad Copy Length for Performance

On a few social media systems, you have the option to use lengthy ads copy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write something very long before people can understand what your ads are about. If you are able to communicate your message in a three to five words sentence with a call to action, why not go for it.

Some social media professionals argue that shorter ads text as a better effect, even as others say longer copy converts better; break up checking out will assist you to discover which of them your audience prefers. What’s most vital is attending to the point and making sure users understand the message you’re conveying.

Make use of a Split test to see which one works best.

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#4: Combine Your Copy With Complementary Visuals and Targeting

One of the reasons users flock to social media is to take a break and be entertained with the aid of what they read and notice. They do this when they are bored, they’re waiting for their food, or their interest span of 3 seconds has expired.

Whatever the reason, it’s crucial that both your textual content and image content are harmonious. Having creative images to decorate your text is like adding more-credit score points on a quiz. Your textual content gets the call to action (the primary point) made, but the visual communicates that factor.

Make sure all of the components of your advert (the description, headline, URL) all work collectively and deliver a tale to users. This will make customers more likely to want to research greater and now not just “like” the advert.

#5: Align Your Ad Copy With Specific Sales Funnel Targeting

Ad copy is basically what brings in sales. But with social media advertisements, it can’t appear or feel like you are selling something. This is because social media is more of a relationship building platform, hence you can't hard sell as you do like Google Ads. This is the main reason while conversion on social media takes longer than expected when compared to other marketing efforts

To assist get around the anti-income hurdle, think about the TOFU (top of the funnel), MOFU (middle of the funnel) and BOFU (back of the funnel) strategy. While this entails developing masses of commercials and custom audiences, the outcomes will make it worth the effort.


This ad is designed for the pinnacle of the funnel sales copy. It’s mild, harmless, and friendly. This ad copy focuses on introducing your brand to your audience. You’re now not looking to promote or pressure customers to take any motion with this advert. I repeat, no promoting!


In MOFU also you aren't selling yet, though your brand voice has been heard, visual seen and people now know your business exists. The next step is to let your potential customers know how you can solve their problems/ assist them. In the ad copy, provide an explanation for what you offer and what ache points your resolve.

Again, you aren’t selling yet. You’ve waved to the consumer from throughout the road and are actually knocking on their door with a plate of freshly baked cookies. All of your TOFU audiences that engage with this ad get placed into a separate custom target audience, a hotter target market.


Now’s the time to ask for the sale. This is where you make use of a discount code, you CTA, time factor and the overall story. You have already got a heat target audience that knows your business and is aware of what you provide. Now give them all you’ve in other to convert them.

Anyone who engages with this advert is a hot lead already and more likely to transform than the TOFU target market that is more of an introduction. You’ve formally been invited within the house and you have a threat to talk business over coffee inside the kitchen.


A proper social media ad copy isn’t just a beautifully created image or a 45-second video. The ad copy itself can make or wreck engagement chances. It’s time to get past the concept that we’re all too busy to examine.

A powerful social media ad copy should inform and entertain users so as to grab their attention as they go through their feed. If your ad copy is going to interrupt whatever your user are reading, then it should worth their while.

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