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10 tips to create an effective social media strategy
10 tips to create an effective social media strategy

How do you create an effective social media startegy?

Before you embark on promoting your product  or services  on social media, it is advisable you first of all create a plan.

Before you apply this tips ensure you understand your niche or business very well  to effectively  apply what I'm going to share. 👇

In this post, We are going to look at 10 tips to create an effective social media strategy

10 Tips to create an effective social media strategy

1. Know your competitors: Before you start tweeting,  graming and facebooking, checkout you competitors to see what they do online . This will guide you in managing  your social  presence. .
2. Create a social media plan: Most of us online are random posters.  We share information as it appears  on our minds or head. No direction. Sometimes  this makes our page disorganized. Create a social media plan that you can follow consistently.
3. Promote your message: Be creative in the way you deliver your message. You can use blog post, funny memes,  videos,  infographs and more.
4. Strike  a Balance: This is one of the reasons to create a social media plan.  It will help create a balance in what you share.  I.e between information  and product promotion.
5. Create exciting and unique  content: Content  is key and social media community loves good content. Create content that will arouse your customer to engage with it. .
6. Optimise/automate your campaigns: sometimes we don't have time to share stuffs on our social handles on the go. Try using scheduling tools. There are a lot of them out there. This will help you streamline every process of your campaigns.⠀
7. Use listening tools: You want to engage with your clients but you can't be on social platform all day to see what they say. Make use of listening tools to monitor your brand mentions and engage with them. ⠀
8. Research hashtags: hashtags gives us opportunity to reach more people than our normal followers. Make research on the hashtags you are using and see it relevance to your business. Also it isn't spamming when you use the 30 hashtags Instagram recommends.⠀
9. explore live video: some of us a shy people. But video has much more engagement than still photos and pictures , particularly live videos where you share tips.. try it today. ⠀
10. Don't forget to evaluate your performance: once you've done with your social media campaign, don't forget to checkout it performance. You can do this daily or weekly. This will help you know how your campaign is progressing. What works and what doesn't.⠀


Designing a social media marketing campaign can be very difficult, but then what you do is to test each campaign to find which suits your niche. However tryout the tips given above and skyrocket your campaign to success.

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